Machine specification:

  • Load capacity: 40 kN
  • Clamping jaw width: 1130 mm
  • Clamping jaw diameter: 580–680 mm
  • Max. Winding diameter: 1400 mm
  • Winding speed: 200 m/min
  • Winding force: 200–1000 N
  • Drive power: approx. 15 kW
  • Masa stroja: cca 4000 kg
  • Palette load capacity: 40 kN
  • Palette drive: 1500 mm
  • Palette lift: 300 mm



Machine specifications:

  • Load capacity: 2 x 10kN
  • Clamping jaw width: 100mm
  • Clamping jaw diameter: 450–530mm (550–630mm with bridging elements)
  • Max. Disc diameter: 1400mm
  • Unwinding speed: up to 200m/min
  • Machine mass: approx. 1200kg

Double unwinder

Machine specifications:

  • Load capacity: 2 x 30kN
  • Clamping jaw width: 100mm
  • Clamping jaw diameter: 500mm
  • Max. disc diameter: 3000mm
  • Max. unwinding speed: 200m/min
  • Drive power: 2 x 5.5kW
  • Machine mass: approx. 3000kg
  • Max. winding speed: 200m/min

Automated flow scales

The system comprises two differential weighing scales (TPT 6C) and a collection belt feeder. Material feed is enabled by digital input and output signals. Feed speed is controlled by regulating the conveyor motor. The scale controls the level of the material on the feeder by measuring the mass through rotation feeding the feeder from the top silos.

Up to four weighing machines can be integrated in the system.


The profiling part consist of main and ancillary units with installed rollers for bending sheet metal driven by an electric motor.

Profiling gauges:

  • processed metal sheets 60–120mm wide and up to 1.5mm thick;
  • cored wire of a diameter from Φ9mm to Φ16mm.

Pivoting devices

Machine specification:

  • Load capacity: max. permitted weight 3t
  • Dimensions (L:W:H): 2400mm x 1400mm x 2500mm
  • Table: 1400mm x 1388mm
  • Pivoting time: approx. 15s
  • Motor power (kW): 1.500
  • Machine mass: approx. 1800kg

Sewing unit for cardboard

RS1600/230 is equipped with a modern sewing head of own production and provides reliable operation with a function of setting the number of clips per minute and the number of clips per cycle.

Technical information:

  • Motor power: 0.75kW
  • Power transmission: CYCLO drive
  • Hand length: 1600mm
  • Operating speed: 230 clips/min

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